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Landscape Staples - Heavy Duty 11 Gauge Galvanized U-Shaped Sod Pins for Weed Barrier and Landscaping

Landscape Staples - Heavy Duty 11 Gauge Galvanized U-Shaped Sod Pins for Weed Barrier and Landscaping

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Landscape Staples - Heavy Duty 11 Gauge Galvanized U-Shaped Sod Pins for Weed Barrier and Landscaping



Landscape Fabric

Pet Fencing

Outdoor Decorations

Ground cover

Irrigation Tubing



Heavy Duty 11 Gauge

Galvanized Steel

1" wide


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Brown Kuphal
    Excellent landscape staples

    I used the landscape staples to secure the landscape fabric in my front and back yards. These big long staples work great. The fabric can stay in its place. I haven’t had them long enough to see if they last. The product description says ​​they are made from heavy-duty galvanized steel, but they didn’t advertise anti-rust like other products. Anyway, they probably will last longer than the fabric.

    Keith Malan
    Much heavier and sturdier than I thought they would be

    These are actually quite large and pretty heavy duty. They have a slight angle and sharpness at the ends; at times I wished it were more. Went through one sickness of the landscape fabric pretty easily, however, anywhere I doubled it I had to go through a layer at a time.Once started, they were easily pushed in with one's shoe.I only used a few at random intervals and without being covered up, they kept the landscaping fabric down even with some high winds.

    Bruce Marshall
    Using these for everything

    These are so easy and awesome to use. They just push into the ground. If the ground is packed then you will probably need a mallet to give a good whack to get it secured to the ground. Our soil is fairly soft, thanks a lot gophers, so they are easy to push in the ground with your fingers. A couple of places I just stepped on them with my foot and it went easy. None of them have bent or broken. They are holding garden netting, weed barrier, even some lightweight dog kennel fencing. The edges of the staple are cut at a slant and each side is cut at opposite directions. This staple has been in the elements for a while now and it's not rusting or corroding. It is just dirty from being in the ground. Where I pull the staples up with the netting and then replace them in the ground, they withstand multiple inserts. SO, these literally take a pounding. These are living up to everything they have promised to do and have exceeded my expectations. Homeowner approved!

    Doyle Gleichner
    Sturdy landscaping stakes

    These 6 inch staples are great for using with solid to light gravel soil, gets deep enough to hold firm any type of landscaping paper. I would suggest if you have rocky soil to use the 4 inch staples.

    Patricia Hughes
    Perfect for my landscaping cloth

    Got these because they’re were so many to do several areas. They are very sturdy and easy to use and remove. Definitely worth the money for the amount you get

    Valerie Nankunda
    Very heavy duty landscaping staples

     We are spreading new much today and want to put down landscaping cloth under the new mulch and these staples are a must to keep you fabric/plastic in place before covering!!You could also use these to help secure many types of edging as well.These are beefier than any others I have seen and should keep everything secure and perfectly in place for many years to come.So glad I found these , will be so so helpful .