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Excellent landscape staples

I used the landscape staples to secure the landscape fabric in my front and back yards. These big long staples work great. The fabric can stay in its place. I haven’t had them long enough to see if they last. The product description says ​​they are made from heavy-duty galvanized steel, but they didn’t advertise anti-rust like other products. Anyway, they probably will last longer than the fabric.

These are never 100% efficient, but certainly do a better job than "cheaper" versions!

When I bought this roll, I was almost done with my garden project a few months ago. So I saved this particular roll for next spring being that it was thicker and stronger than the one I got at the hardware store...Being of apparent better quality and cost about the same, I wish I had waited and returned the other one which have not throughly prevented weeds and other plants growth through my rocks. However, I rather use this one for my next vegetables crop in my backyard. This would be great for controlling the unwanted growth around my plants. I usually cover the ground with cardboard during late fall and winter (which is very mild here), it kills the vegetation and promotes earthworm proliferation. Then I remove the cardboard and cover the area with this type of cloth. Make small cuts in the spot I would replant my started seeds (small plants I start indoor). Then I cover with mulch to protect from the sun and retain humidity. So yes, this is great not only for setting pavers, bricks, or stones, but also for growing vegetables.

I used this product for a French drainage project.

I used the 8 mill product. Was easy to work with. No tears an constant thickness.

Excellent for permanent landscaping project

We chose the 8 oz. 4’ x 100’ for the first application and used every inch of it as the base for laying 3” of rubber mulch. Fabric or geotextile is a beautiful very durable application. So comfortable to craw around and lay on while applying. Highly recommend using at least 6” staples and always lay w 8” overlap for best results. Remember to measure twice, cut once! Great service and quick delivery. Quality worth every cent!

Excellent material for my open french drain

I bought the 4oz and 8oz versions. The material is very well made and easy to layout. The 4oz was used with my perforated pipe and rocks. The 8oz will be used for my rock scaping and against a sitting wall. Landscape pins need some effort to get it through since the material is thick. I expect it to last a very long time.

Sturdy, durable, no issues

We used this fabric as underlayment for a brick driveway and deck. I’m sure there are other uses for the fabric, even weed control. It’s strong, durable, and easy to use. We had no issues laying it, having it tear when placing the bricks on it, and there’s been no shifting or problems. We’re happy with this product, recommend it, and so I’ve rated it 5 stars.

This is REAL landscaping fabric

I'm putting together a timber retaining wall with weeping tile and went looking for something better than the thin, weak landscaping fabric you find at the big box stores. I looked around on Amazon and was hesitant at first to spend the extra money on this product but I'm so glad I did. This fabric is MUCH thicker and tougher than the flimsy fabric widely sold as landscaping fabric. I could not tear this fabric and cutting it required a brand new, sharp utility blade. I tend to over-engineer my projects and this product fits in with that tendency. It will let water through without letting dirt through and keep the drainage to my wall from becoming clogged. I recommend this product.

Heavy, edges don't unravel too badly

Compared to previous types I have used, this is quite sturdy and I expect it to last a while.I left some raw edges exposed and flapping, even with high winds and rain. Hardly any effect.Cuts easily.Using it to line a rain garden and it's working well so far... There's a new frog, he seems to like it.

Much heavier and sturdier than I thought they would be

These are actually quite large and pretty heavy duty. They have a slight angle and sharpness at the ends; at times I wished it were more. Went through one sickness of the landscape fabric pretty easily, however, anywhere I doubled it I had to go through a layer at a time.Once started, they were easily pushed in with one's shoe.I only used a few at random intervals and without being covered up, they kept the landscaping fabric down even with some high winds.

Using these for everything

These are so easy and awesome to use. They just push into the ground. If the ground is packed then you will probably need a mallet to give a good whack to get it secured to the ground. Our soil is fairly soft, thanks a lot gophers, so they are easy to push in the ground with your fingers. A couple of places I just stepped on them with my foot and it went easy. None of them have bent or broken. They are holding garden netting, weed barrier, even some lightweight dog kennel fencing. The edges of the staple are cut at a slant and each side is cut at opposite directions. This staple has been in the elements for a while now and it's not rusting or corroding. It is just dirty from being in the ground. Where I pull the staples up with the netting and then replace them in the ground, they withstand multiple inserts. SO, these literally take a pounding. These are living up to everything they have promised to do and have exceeded my expectations. Homeowner approved!

Better than pesticides

This comes in a giant roll. You cut it to the sizes you need. It is easy to cut. The directions are clear. They state the fuzzy side goes towards the dirt; this is to help with grip. The slick and shiny side faces up, this is to help channel water. Then use some garden staples to secure in place and you are done. Once you get going it only takes a few minutes to install. There was no smell to the product and it lays very nicely. You could easily use this for many different types of projects like lining the ground for an above ground pool. It isn't as heavy as a tarp but it lays smoother than one. Excellent product and homeowner approved!

Sturdy landscaping stakes

These 6 inch staples are great for using with solid to light gravel soil, gets deep enough to hold firm any type of landscaping paper. I would suggest if you have rocky soil to use the 4 inch staples.

Great Weed Barrier

I love this weed barrier fabric. I hate Weeds! I used it under my rocks. I planted some azaleas and put this around them. It was easy to work with. I also used it when I put down black mulch, you couldn't see the barrier because it is black. I like that. The other pictures are the rock landscaping I am going to take apart and put this weed barrier down. It is worth the extra work not having to weed.

Great fabric for French Drain

 Great product easy to use🤙🏽

Perfect to kill grass in my garden

I got this too actually kill the grass in the garden after it stops producing. It was big enough to cover all the areas and when I’m ready to plant more I can just turn my soil. Great value for how big it is.

Spend the money to get a good product.

I was surprised at the packaging when it arrived. I ordered 12.5’ by 60’ and I expected an extremely long roll to arrive. Their packaging was very efficient and space saving.For the product itself, I highly recommend this type of fabric. It’s like woven with plastic rather than those that you buy from Costco. Previously I used those ones for landscaping and after 3 years, the material has disintegrated. My neighbor used this type of woven fabric and it has held up much longer than mine.Hence, for my new project, I’ve invested in this higher end and slightly more expensive product. Trust me, you don’t want to do it twice. Spend the money and get a good product.

Perfect for my landscaping cloth

Got these because they’re were so many to do several areas. They are very sturdy and easy to use and remove. Definitely worth the money for the amount you get

Very heavy duty landscaping staples

 We are spreading new much today and want to put down landscaping cloth under the new mulch and these staples are a must to keep you fabric/plastic in place before covering!!You could also use these to help secure many types of edging as well.These are beefier than any others I have seen and should keep everything secure and perfectly in place for many years to come.So glad I found these , will be so so helpful .

Woven plastic

This fabric seems well made.The fabric (it's more woven plastic than actual fabric) feels thick and durable and seems like it will hold up well for many years. The price is not bad either, it's basically $1 per foot of material. It drains when water pools on it so long as it is touching another surface.Overall, this seems like a good product on the surface and only time will tell if it holds up as well as it claims to.

Works as intended

These staples work as they should. They are easy to install with a hammer into weed barrier (what I used them for). Typically this type of staple comes in a box but these are in a plastic bag that zips shut. While this doesn't matter to me I do think it's worth knowing.

Super Heavy Duty

These are the best quality landscape staples I have used. Extra thick and shiny like stainless steel, the tines won't easily bend and can hammer straight into hard dirt. The ends are sharp. They slide right into clay soil with no issue but have a good grip and are hard to remove. There is exactly 100 staples in the set.

Can't garden without them!

I simply cannot garden without these Geotextile Landscape Staples !Wonderfully made and flawless on arrival these garden staples are the, jack of all trades, if you are a serious gardener. From securing my drip irrigation tubing to locking in ground cloth, these staples are an absolute necessity. They hold up well against the elements and daily watering lasting almost forever. As a gardener you can never have enough of this item on hand!I am really so so so very pleased with this item---thank you!