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Super Geotextile

Pro Grade 5oz Weed Barrier - Heavy Duty Landscape Fabric - Weed Block - 25 Year Fabric

Pro Grade 5oz Weed Barrier - Heavy Duty Landscape Fabric - Weed Block - 25 Year Fabric

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Super Geotextile: Pro Grade 5 Plus Weed Barrier - Heavy Duty Landscape Fabric - Weed Block


Pro Plus V is a double-sided or "capped" geotextile made of both woven and non-woven polypropylene fabrics, needle-punched together with plant lines every 12 inches for easy plant alignment.


  • Strength of a woven
  • Permittivity of a non-woven
  • Weed control
  • Planting stripes make spacing quick and easy
  • Retains moisture for plant health


  • Soil/landscape stabilization
  • Weed barrier under landscape beds, gardens, decks, patios and sidewalks

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Abdul Dixit
    Better than pesticides

    This comes in a giant roll. You cut it to the sizes you need. It is easy to cut. The directions are clear. They state the fuzzy side goes towards the dirt; this is to help with grip. The slick and shiny side faces up, this is to help channel water. Then use some garden staples to secure in place and you are done. Once you get going it only takes a few minutes to install. There was no smell to the product and it lays very nicely. You could easily use this for many different types of projects like lining the ground for an above ground pool. It isn't as heavy as a tarp but it lays smoother than one. Excellent product and homeowner approved!

    Amani Marks
    Great Weed Barrier

    I love this weed barrier fabric. I hate Weeds! I used it under my rocks. I planted some azaleas and put this around them. It was easy to work with. I also used it when I put down black mulch, you couldn't see the barrier because it is black. I like that. The other pictures are the rock landscaping I am going to take apart and put this weed barrier down. It is worth the extra work not having to weed.


    Amazing product

    Raoul Kuhn
    Good landscaping fabric

    I have no complaints about this stuff. The roll came well packaged, it is heavy duty, and does a good job blocking weeds. If your use-case permits, try to cover it with stone or something to keep the sunlight off as UV tends to break this kind of thing down pretty quickly.

    Janie Bahringer
    Durable, better than local purchase

    Have a small batch I purchased from a local store and it pales in comparison. The thickness, just overall weight, utilized so far in brick and landscaping. 3 months since install and everything is looking like the day I finished.

    Rashad Kessler
    Excellent landscaping fabric (see details). Recommended

    Super Geotextile Professional 5oz Geotextile Weed Barrier Fabric is pretty great. For a couple years I've painstakingly weeded a few large areas of shrubs and flowers - fully intending to put down landscape cloth. Well, no more... this fabric cuts pretty well with a set of coarse shears. It goes down without slipping, and is easily kept in place with lawn staples. I hope the longevity of this fabric is good, but I don't really have any reason to think it won't be - I'll update the review if there are any surprises. At 300 sqft for $49, this is relatively cheap for what you get. Recommended