Woven Geotextile, Commercial Grade Driveway and Road Fabric for Separation and Stabilization - Heavy Duty Underlayment

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We carry a great variety of sizes to meet most of your project needs
Super Geotextile Woven Geotextile is heavy duty commercial grade and made to last 50 years! This Geotexile is a true 4oz Woven Polypropylene and is rated for 200 lbs of tensile strength which is strong enough for cars and trucks to drive on it

Lay it down on the dirt before you put down rocks or gravel to provide separation and stability; this will prevent ruts in potholes and make sure your hard work lasts a lifetime!

• Construction Underlayment
• Gravel Road Stabilization
• Driveway Underlayment
• Paver underlayment
• Retaining walls
• Sidewalk Stabilization
• Landscaping Projects
• and Much More

• True 4oz woven Geotextile
• Heat sealed ends prevent unraveling
• Heavy duty
• Made to last up to 50 years when properly buried
• Easy to install

• if you are looking for faster water flow check out "Super Geotextile Non Woven Geotextile"
• For weed barrier use "Super Geotextile Weed Barrier"