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Super Geotextile

Woven Geotextile, Commercial Grade Driveway and Road Fabric for Separation and Stabilization - Heavy Duty Underlayment - 50 Year Fabric

Woven Geotextile, Commercial Grade Driveway and Road Fabric for Separation and Stabilization - Heavy Duty Underlayment - 50 Year Fabric

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Super Geotextile Woven Geotextile is heavy duty commercial grade and made to last 50 years! This Geotexile is a true 4oz Woven Polypropylene and is rated for 200 lbs of tensile strength which is strong enough for cars and trucks to drive on it

Lay it down on the dirt before you put down rocks or gravel to provide separation and stability; this will prevent ruts in potholes and make sure your hard work lasts a lifetime!

• Construction Underlayment
• Gravel Road Stabilization
• Driveway Underlayment
• Paver underlayment
• Retaining walls
• Sidewalk Stabilization
• Landscaping Projects
• and Much More

• True 4oz woven Geotextile
• Heat sealed ends prevent unraveling
• Heavy duty
• Made to last up to 50 years when properly buried
• Easy to install

• if you are looking for faster water flow check out "Super Geotextile Non Woven Geotextile"
• For weed barrier use "Super Geotextile Weed Barrier"

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Russell Solomons
    These are never 100% efficient, but certainly do a better job than "cheaper" versions!

    When I bought this roll, I was almost done with my garden project a few months ago. So I saved this particular roll for next spring being that it was thicker and stronger than the one I got at the hardware store...Being of apparent better quality and cost about the same, I wish I had waited and returned the other one which have not throughly prevented weeds and other plants growth through my rocks. However, I rather use this one for my next vegetables crop in my backyard. This would be great for controlling the unwanted growth around my plants. I usually cover the ground with cardboard during late fall and winter (which is very mild here), it kills the vegetation and promotes earthworm proliferation. Then I remove the cardboard and cover the area with this type of cloth. Make small cuts in the spot I would replant my started seeds (small plants I start indoor). Then I cover with mulch to protect from the sun and retain humidity. So yes, this is great not only for setting pavers, bricks, or stones, but also for growing vegetables.

    Bradley Scott
    Sturdy, durable, no issues

    We used this fabric as underlayment for a brick driveway and deck. I’m sure there are other uses for the fabric, even weed control. It’s strong, durable, and easy to use. We had no issues laying it, having it tear when placing the bricks on it, and there’s been no shifting or problems. We’re happy with this product, recommend it, and so I’ve rated it 5 stars.

    Carey Leannon
    Heavy, edges don't unravel too badly

    Compared to previous types I have used, this is quite sturdy and I expect it to last a while.I left some raw edges exposed and flapping, even with high winds and rain. Hardly any effect.Cuts easily.Using it to line a rain garden and it's working well so far... There's a new frog, he seems to like it.

    Deep Mannan
    Spend the money to get a good product.

    I was surprised at the packaging when it arrived. I ordered 12.5’ by 60’ and I expected an extremely long roll to arrive. Their packaging was very efficient and space saving.For the product itself, I highly recommend this type of fabric. It’s like woven with plastic rather than those that you buy from Costco. Previously I used those ones for landscaping and after 3 years, the material has disintegrated. My neighbor used this type of woven fabric and it has held up much longer than mine.Hence, for my new project, I’ve invested in this higher end and slightly more expensive product. Trust me, you don’t want to do it twice. Spend the money and get a good product.

    Courtney Adams
    Perfect to kill grass in my garden

    I got this too actually kill the grass in the garden after it stops producing. It was big enough to cover all the areas and when I’m ready to plant more I can just turn my soil. Great value for how big it is.

    Jordon Ondricka
    Woven plastic

    This fabric seems well made.The fabric (it's more woven plastic than actual fabric) feels thick and durable and seems like it will hold up well for many years. The price is not bad either, it's basically $1 per foot of material. It drains when water pools on it so long as it is touching another surface.Overall, this seems like a good product on the surface and only time will tell if it holds up as well as it claims to.